Question of the Day:Charlie Crist

Will Charlie Crist bolt the GOP and run as an Independent for Senator?  Lots of news outlets seem to be stating that he will do just that.  Polls show Crist actually beating Kendrick Meek, the Democratic opponent and Republican Marco Rubio in a three way race.

What does folks at RU think?  Should Crist make an Independent run?  Why?  If he did win, should he pull a Liberman and sit with the GOP? What would Crist’s declared independence mean for moderates in the GOP?

Looking forward to your answers.

4 thoughts on “Question of the Day:Charlie Crist

  1. Charles Reardon

    Charlie Crist is purging himself. I’m disappointed in him. I really liked him. But he has no one to blame for his predicament but himself. First he supports porkulus (fine, it’s a big tent I don’t have a problem with that) but then he has to go to a campaign rally, hug obama, and thereby giving him crucial bi-partisan covering fire. That was just politically foolish. Then he decides to jump into a Senate race that Marco Rubio was already running in. He completely misread the public mood. Sad to say I can’t support him as an independent. This isn’t like Joe Lieberman was purposefully purged. Crist has purged himself.

  2. Bill G.

    Go independent Charlie. Don’t become a suckup like McCain as he tries to save his senate seat, which he will probably do.

    The forces of darkness are too great. Move to the light.

  3. Bill G.

    BTW – I feel bad about my comment about John McCain… not that I don’t actually believe it. The John McCain of 2010 is just not related to the McCain that I came to like very much back in 2000 and supported in 2008.

    I understand that the Republican Party has changed, and the anti-incumbency mood is extremely strong… but someone needs to stand up and stop the abuse heaped upon the good guys. John McCain is one of the good guys.

    John McCain not being able to stand up in his own defense means that the Republican Party has descended into a darkness where who really knows what will happen next.

    I am active in both the Tea Party and Coffee Party movements. Within Tea there is little love for John McCain — as with most incumbents. The alternative? Certainly not J. D. Hayworth.

    In Florida, Crist is under attack not because Rubio is a better candidate (although he is a good guy, too). Crist is under attack because he finessed McCain’s win of the state in 2008, because he dared to cooperate with a new president in accepting financial assistance for the state (Florida is toxic! For the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, Florida lost population during 2009). And Crist doesn’t trashtalk the opposition … so obviously he is not a redmeat candidate capable of the rage essential to being Republican in 2010.

    Just my thoughts. I still like John McCain but it irks me that he is publicly sucking up to get reelected. The “Maverick” even denied that he was ever a ‘maverick’. Sad.

  4. Jonny-Boy

    Amen on the McCain thing. It’s sad that a figure who has accomplished so much, like McCain, is having to prostitute himself like this and mortgage his principles to the hilt to survive in this new, more polarized GOP.

    As for Crist, I hope he runs, and wins. Somebody has got to have some balls and stand up to the purity police. Somebody has to show them exactly who they don’t speak for.


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