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Washington Blade editor Kevin Naff has an excellent post on the Target boycott:

Target is, well, an obvious target for such crude tactics, given that gay shoppers have embraced the trendy retailer over down-market rival Walmart. How could Target support “bigotry” after we bought all those iPods, stainless steel coffee makers and fabulous faux fur throws?

The answer, of course, is that Target isn’t funding bigotry. In fact, HRC has lauded the company’s “model employment policies.” The donation was made to support a candidate who pledged to lower corporate taxes in Minnesota. The fact that Emmer opposes marriage equality was incidental and puts him in good company. Most Democrats, including President Obama and Vice President Biden, also oppose same-sex marriage.

Locally, you’d be hard-pressed to find a prominent Maryland or Virginia Democrat who supports marriage equality. But that doesn’t stop our lobbyists from working hard to elect them. And re-elect them.

Just last week, Equality Maryland announced that Gov. Martin O’Malley, who stubbornly stands by his outdated civil unions position, will be the featured speaker at its annual October fundraiser. This is a prime example of why things never change: LGBT Democrats line up like sheep each October before an election and hand their money and votes to politicians who never deliver on their promises to us. In four years as governor, O’Malley has claimed to support civil unions but never done anything to advance them.

How true. The thing is that I don’t think the people who want to punish Target are doing this as much for supporting an anti-gay politician as much as they are supporting a Republican anti-gay politician. I really don’t understand why we gays are willing to support a politician that has a “D” after their name but also opposes gay marriage (such as the President). The gay community does this time and time again, and yet we want to get mad at Target.

I don’t really understand.

h/t: Independent Gay Forum

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