Why Moderate Republicans Suck, Revisted

I realized that I had already reposted “Why Moderate Republicans Suck”  in April of this year at the old Republicans United site.  There were a few comments from back then and I wanted to share them with you now.  This one is from Bubbaquimby:

Another big problem I see is that Moderate Republicans also tend to be moderate on fiscal matters. At that point it gets really easy for conservatives to bash them. Christ isn’t having a hard time right now because he is a social moderate, it’s because he is fiscally moderate. I agree with Matt Welch from Reason that unfortunately true fiscal conservatives tend to be socially conservative also.

I think part of that is moderates tendency to be less ideologically fixed. The only group that tends to be fixed in ideology are liberals, conservatives and a group that moderates should work with libertarians.

While I don’t think we will ever have a new two parties and certainly not a third party. My only hope is that moderates/liberal Republicans can unite with libertarians and shift the party back to center-right. While people like Brink Lindsay and Will Wilkerson want to create liberaltarian movement, I have my doubts. I think that if libertarians really want a say again in government they need to reach out to moderates on the right. And just like the liberaltarian movement a new fusion movement would take a lot of time.

But as someone who is 31 and has previously worked with youth, I see three groups in Millennials; progressives. libertarians and moderates. I still believe you could unite libertarians and moderates with a message that is similar to what Aaron stated, except I would say that we need to address having a smaller, leaner and more intelligence orientated national defense. We still haven’t moved past having a cold war army.

Problem is I just don’t see any politicians talking that way or even thinkers except Ron Paul. And he has many of his own problems. I like Paul Ryan on fiscal policies but he is social conservative. Where are the great moderates today? I can’t even name any potential moderates on the right today, they’re all on the left.

And then there’s this one from “Jonny Boy:”

In digging around I find another problem that wasn’t addressed here: participation. You would be amazed how many vacancies there are at the entry level of GOP politics. How many moderates make runs for the vacant precinct delegate positions? How many moderates go to the conventions? If we participated more in this level of the party, we could slowly start to push the party back towards sanity. And remember, today’s precinct delegate is tomorrows city councilman. Tomorrow’s city councilman is next Tuesday’s state rep. And so on.

In some cases, Bubbaquimby is correct, a lot of moderates on the right have been driven out of the party.  But some folks still exist, especially in Washington.  Senators Scott Brown, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins basically hold the moderate-liberal wing of the GOP in the upper chamber.  Rick Snyder is a self-proclaimed moderate who is governor-elect of Michigan.  But the problem is, they are few in number and in these days of the Tea Party, severely constrained in actually governing from the center.  The challenge today is that any Republican pol (and that includes those who are more conservative) that even smiles at a Democrat is going to get a challenge from the Tea Party.  So, it’s hard to actually do the people’s business as a moderate.

Jonny Boy’s suggestion does make sense.  It would be nice if those who were politically moderate got involved at the local level.  Alas, I have advised that myself and have even done it.  For whatever reason, moderates do not get engaged at that level.  Maybe it’s because moderates tend to not be fighters, but conciliators.  For whatever reason, we don’t tend to get our hands dirty, which then leads to ideologues to get on board and end up with what we have today.

All this is to say it looks pretty bleak for the center-right in America.

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