Remember James Joyner

If you are a religious person, please keep James Joyner in your prayers.  If not,  just keep him in your thoughts.  Joyner reported today that his wife, Kimberly, died in her sleep.  She was 41.

I’ve followed Joyner’s blog for a few years now and have enjoyed it.  He was able to write a short, but moving tribute to his partner in life:

We met in August 2004 and were married on October 8, 2005. She had just turned 35 and I was a few weeks shy of 40 but neither of us had been married before. We shared religious and political worldviews but very different personalities. She was extroverted, sunny, and patient to my introverted, grumpy, and antsy. I almost certainly got the better of that bargain.

Kim was my partner, helpmate, and confidante. Her passing leaves a gaping hole in my life.

It’s sad to hear of this.

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