The Long, Slow March

The news this week of President Obama finally “coming out of the closet” on same sex marriage seemed to frame the issue in very stark, partisan terms: Democrats good, Republicans bad.  It didn’t help that GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney fired back with his opposition to gay marriage.

The GOP is not where the Dems are on this issue.  You can’t try to dress up that pig.  But it’s also important to remember that there is a slow, but building movement of folks in the GOP who support gay marriage.  And it’s also important to remember that one GOP Senator was instrumental in allowing gays to serve openly in the military.

Change can come slowly, but change does happen.  It may seem pointless at times, but I think one day in the very near future, there will be a GOP candidate for president who will voice support for same sex marriage and no one will bat an eye.

Is that a silly thing to believe?  Stranger things have happened- like a President actually coming out in favor of same sex marriage.

4 thoughts on “The Long, Slow March

  1. superdestroyer

    What is the upside of the Republicans support the homosexual agenda? It alienates all of the social conservatives. The affluent, organized homosexuals will still support the Democratic Party. Will still donate huge amounts of money to the Democrats. Will still support bigger government, higher taxes, more social engineering, and more indoctrination.

    Why should conservatives support a group that detest everything that is conservative?

  2. Bruce R. Gilson

    The Republicans are running an openly gay candidate for Congress in Massachusetts, as you have noted earlier. Right now, most serious Republican candidates (i. e. not Fred Karger, who nobody’s heard of) have to pander to religious conservatives. But there is no connection between economic conservatism and social conservatism. I agree that sooner or later this will change, but the change will only happen when the “social conservatives” become few enough in number that the Republicans are not afraid to alienate them.

  3. superdestroyer


    So your proposal is to alienate all of the social conservatives/fiscal conservatives in the hopes of picking up the fiscal conservatives/social libertarians. And what groups currently inside the Democratic Party fit the definition that you want to appeal to.

    My guess is that is no such thing as a homosexual fiscal conservatives and that homosexuals are very uniform in their support for higher taxes, more government, more entitlements, and more social engineering.

    The deal for the Republicans should be to package homosexual marriage at the federal level with vouchers for schools and allowing people to opt out of social security.


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