The GOP and Redistribution

From Chris Ladd:

Income redistribution is one of the principle functions of civilization.  It’s what America does and Somalia and Haiti do not do.  Americans of all income groups and political parties benefit from income redistribution all the livelong day.  If income redistribution makes people “dependent” on government, then humankind has been “dependent” since we gave up hunting mammoths for food.

Never mind the more obvious examples like roads, police, and courts.  Without income distribution in the form of government agencies, mortgage market supports, and very generous tax subsidies there would be practically no middle class home ownership in this country.  The elderly, other than the extremely wealthy, would not be able to afford modern medical care in almost any form.  Almost none of the medicines you use would have been invented.  Without income redistribution very few of us would be capable of reading this.

Income redistribution is the reason those highly independent red state conservatives who live on farms far from cities and claim they need nothing from the government have access to electricity, roads, hospitals, schools, doctors, telephones, and the Internet.  Not to mention that without direct government subsidies most of what remains of family farming in this country would disappear overnight.

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