A Few Random Thoughts on “Growth and Opportunity”

March 20, 2013

The Republican National Committee released its long term assessment report yesterday. Called “Growth and Opportunity,” the document is intended to spell out the current state of the GOP (not good) and ideas on how it can improve. I haven’t read the whole report, but from what I’ve seen in the news I wanted to share these thoughts: This report along with a some speeches by GOP leaders is in some aspects a breath of fresh air. There is an honesty in the report that I haven’t seen in a while among Republicans; a willingness to admit that the current incarnation […] read more

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The Party of Homer Simpson?

March 18, 2013

The Iraq War damaged the GOP’s advantage in foreign policy. Can it get its mojo back? The future is cloudy. read more

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The Downgrade of Detroit

March 17, 2013

Walter Russell Mead has a great essay on why Detroit is in such bad shape and it has very little to do with the auto industry. As many know Michigan Governor Rick Snyder finally called for an emergency financial manager to come in to stabilize the city’s finances. While many are seeing this state takeover as a power grab by a white, Republican governor who will steal democracy from a majority African American city, Mead places the blame where I think it duly belongs: It’s true that the emergency manager law is taking power away from Detroiters and other Michigan […] read more

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Random Musings on a Random Act

December 15, 2012

The horrific shootings in Newtown, Connecticut has left a lot of people stunned.  It wasn’t simply the number of people who died, 27, that has left people speechless, nor was the fact that it took place in a school.  What has stunned folks is the fact that this took place in an elementary school and 20 of the victims were between the tender ages of 5 and 9.  No wonder President Obama could barely contain his composure when speaking to the nation yesterday. The event has brought about a number of thoughts, so I decided to talk about all of […] read more

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The Battle of Lansing And Everything After

December 13, 2012

It’s been interesting to see what’s going on in my home state of Michigan.  As a kid, you learned how important the unions were in the state.  Most kids learned of the 1936-7 Sitdown Strike in Flint, Michgan which happens to be my hometown.  It was that event where the United Autoworkers made a name for themselves and where the Detroit automakers had to get used to labor as a partner.  For the next 70 years, the American auto industry and the UAW were partners in building the modern Michigan. My parents came to Michigan and became autoworkers.  My mother […] read more

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Conservatives Need Better PR

December 5, 2012

The party doesn’t have a diversity problem. It most certainly does have an image problem. read more

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Republicans Key to Same Sex Marriage Victories

December 3, 2012

Walter Olson notes that in all four states that voted either in favor of same sex marriage or in prevent a ban on it , Republicans were key in achieving victory. read more

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It’s Obama’s World; We Just Happen to Live in It

December 2, 2012

The fact of the matter is, President Obama won and as conservatives like to say, elections have consequences. The Democrats picked up more seats in both houses and the GOP has been weakened severely. The reason the President came out with his non-plan is because he doesn’t have to give anything up. He has all the cards and the GOP has none. read more

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“The Republican Party is Screwed”

November 30, 2012

“The upshot is that the Republican Party is screwed: It’s in for a lot of infighting, but both sides of the party’s internal fight are committed to economic policies that are not saleable to the broader public.” read more

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The GOP and Redistribution

November 27, 2012

“Income redistribution is one of the principle functions of civilization. It’s what America does and Somalia and Haiti do not do. Americans of all income groups and political parties benefit from income redistribution all the livelong day. If income redistribution makes people “dependent” on government, then humankind has been “dependent” since we gave up hunting mammoths for food.” read more

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